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[sticky post] Back!

Here's the deal.
I'm back. Though was I ever really here?

At any rate, besides my football blog (footballoffice.blogspot.com), I'd like to have some sort of online blog to write on. Something easy, something quick, something to express my love of Sherlock, Assassin's Creed and Blake Lewis. Something unrelated to football, something that people will read, but doesn't scream 'I can't control my emotions so I must go fangirl obsessively'. Yeah, that's not me.
I do a lot of things obsessively, but I will not be one of those crazy online fan girls. Really, no matter what my friends tease me about, I am not that bad. Half of the reason I do it is to make them laugh anyway. That's interesting, maybe I should explore that idea more.
Who am I really?

As you're probably figuring out, this will be more of a stream of consciousness thing, less concentrated, more out there. Just to get out what I'm thinking so maybe I don't yell so much in public. Also, I'm running out of notebooks and don't have the money to buy endless Moleskines, as much as I would like to. So we'll see how it goes.

On behalf of myself, let Bendict take us away!