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Housing Rant

Here's the deal. William and Mary Housing stinks. It's horrible. I can't quite put into words how horrible it truly is.
So here's how it works. There's a housing lottery, seniors go first, then juniors, then sophomores. Freshman are randomly assigned, so they get to escape this crazy. Lucky them. Then housing time blocks are assigned. Early the block is, the better pick you get. At least, that's the idea. There are things like block housing, which I won't go into because it's complicated and has nothing to do with this story.
So basically, there are dorms, Ludwell (apartments off campus) and the Units, where most of the frats are. No one wants to be in the Units for that reason. They are not particularly attractive buildings, nor are they designed well. Basically, they're great if you're in a frat or like to party, but if you're an average student, they suck. Pretty hard, from what I've heard. So my new roommate and I (yeah, I won't even go into the story of how my other roommate bailed on me. I don't want to break my new computer) had a time block on the second day of sophomores. We figured we'd get into this complex across the street from the football stadium -- there are lots of dorms there, so we figured it would be easy. FALSE. By the first day of housing, everything but the Units were gone.
This is pretty much how I felt.

I knew we were going to have to live there. But of course, I couldn't accept it right away. Of course not. Typical. So basically, to make a very long story short, after complaining, fighting with my parents and looking all over for an apartment, I decided that there were too many variables (wouldn't know if I got the apartment until July, etc) and that I was going to have to find something through res. life. So I went over there and was asking them what to do. They recommend the Governor's Inn, a hotel near campus. I'd heard about it from my friends, but hadn't ever really thought about it. So this woman at res life gets me all excited about basically living in a hotel for a year. I call my father, all excited, and explain what I what. He shoots me down. Basically, after all of that, it turns out that my only choice was ever really the Units.
So I felt like this is what had happened to me over the last three days.

So my new roommate and I are living there. She's pretty cool. So I'm not excited, but not dreading it. Worst comes to worst, I'll live secretly in the football building. After all, it's pretty much right next to the Units. And it's a hell of a lot nicer. If they find me and ask me why, I'm just going to say that I live in the Units. They'll understand for sure. Or I'll finally aquire some sort of boyfriend and live with him. But oh wait, it's me soo....

Yup, that's me. Ross, not Rachel.

- C.S.S.C